Post-Graduate Blues: Benefits? What Benefits?

Hello wonderful Babson-haters, and a big tip-o-the-hat to Babson-lovers.

I have not posted for a good long while, why do you ask? I guess I have not had enough contempt for Babson built up in order to drive me to express my disdain via blog post.

So, since I graduated this last September (which in itself was a bit of a rough landing; we had to start tossing passengers to slow the descent…it wasn’t pretty), I decided I would pursue my dream of purchasing a motorcycle, then driving across this huge-ass county to none other than sunny California. The trip was great…blah blah blah…I arrived in San Diego.

For three months, I tried to get a job. At first I was picky. Then I lowered the bar, and I then I almost broke the damn thing because I slammed it so hard into the ground. The fucking bar couldn’t get any lower. I figured, maybe I just didn’t have enough experience? But I’ve had 2 internships, AND I’ve ran my own apparel company for the last 2 years! What on Barefoot’s Green Earth could be preventing these people from not calling me back? Not one e-mail, not one phone call in 3 months and over 100 applications, with varying follow up tactics, and cover letters. Every position was entry-level (some internships), I certainly wasn’t shooting for the stars, and if I was, I hit my fucking foot. I was working a retail job, and hated every minute of it, so I quit, and refused to get another crap job and go for the career winner. Nothing. But then I got an interview in San Francisco! Alas, a break! I flew up there on my own coin, and absolutely killed the interview. Even better, I had a personal recommendation from the head national recruiting whom my father happened to be friends with! This was third rounds too, as I had already had two phone interviews. I would’ve bet my life on me getting that job. But, to my absolute dismay, I did not receive the position. I was crushed, and out of money, so I had to circle the wagons, and head home with my tail between my legs. More importantly, I was baffled…they hadn’t asked for my GPA (which isn’t too stellar), and I had inside people sending notes to the small branch telling them to hire me…so what went wrong? I received a note from my fathers friend, the Head Recruiter telling me the name of the other candidate (there were only two, me and her). I facebooked her, my jaw dropped: she was a recent grad from a local California Technical College, about one step up from a Community College.

But then it dawned on me: why would they choose her over me? Because not even the goddamn internet has heard of Babson College once you get out of the North East. I asked around. No one had heard of it. Especially not employers. I was a man who was holding the worlds largest ball of shit, and hidden deep inside was a tiny gold nugget known as “Babson”. Babson’s marketing is a fraud, a scam. Students are being bamboozled into thinking that the college has national pull, when it couldn’t be more localized.

Now for the skeptics in the audience, let me add a constant. I returned to my home in Connecticut (reluctantly, and broke) and using the same Craigslist, Monster, CareerBuilder resume-carpet bombing technique I used in San Diego, I was astonished. Within three weeks, I had 3 interviews. Within six weeks, I had an offer, with four other interviews lined up. I had a choice of where I got to work. My job I have now is great, I couldn’t be happier, nor could I be in a better position for long term growth. The only difference being: every single interview I had in the North East started with “Oh I know Babson, it’s a great school!”. I bit my lip, smiled and said “Absolutely it is!” every gut wrenching time I heard that sentence.

Yes, the Babson name is worth something. It’s worth a job. But that name, “Babson”, west of Pennsylvania, means about as much as the fake diploma I received on the day I was supposed to graduate with my class in May, when only weeks before I had been informed I was a few credits shy of officially graduating. Thanks again Babson, you got me, you little scamp, you.

Transitioning into a different subject, a more broad one, but still pertinent to Babson, I’d like to discuss Student Loans. Babson’s tuition went up again this year, poor students… So here’s the facts, source: Princeton Review.

Aid Statistics
Freshmen receiving need-based financial aid: 40%
Undergraduate receiving need-based financial aid: 24%
Average freshman loan: $2,686
Average freshman total need-based gift aid: $21,793

All right, hey! 24% of students get financial aid! And total average aid is almost $22k! But…lets run some numbers here… tuition, room and board and meal plan easily total almost $48k a year, that leaves Mr. Average Aid Package only cutting less than half of that per year. So, that being the case, the total for four years cost (after aid) is $104k. Now, let’s assume most of the student who need aid do not have the financial propensity pay in cash, so they take some loans out for…oh, let’s say $100k.

By the way, Babson doesn’t even report it’s tuition now, check this out, right from Princeton Review.

Annual Expenses
Tuition: Not Reported

Think the conversation went like this? “Um…tuition is rising every year because we don’t have large enough endowment and no one’s donating and our costs (of flagpole fountains) and faculty greatly outweigh our income…what do we tell the prospective students who want to try and budget out the next 10 years of their life based on our tuition?” [Barefoot Pauses, steepling his fingers] “Tell them, NOTHING!” as he says with a death metal yell.

Seriously, thats brutal, in every since of the word. Anyways, $100k in debt, students are kicked into the (hopefully east coast) workforce to try and find a job, where they will then face…drum roll please… up to an $1,800 payment per month for 15 fucking years. If they’re lucky, post-consolidation, they are looking at $600-$800 for 30 fucking years. Thats a final cost of $250,000-$300,000 after all payments are made on time. The banks’ investment in you being an idiot and the school being a marketing ploy has paid off, and paid off well might I add. They’ve tripled their investment.

Now you might say: “pay it off early!” Ya, let me get right on that with my $35k a year salary, my shit ass apartment, and my used car I just financed. How the fuck do you expect me to make $1800 monthly payments one year out of college? Moreover, how does Babson get away with not disclosing critical information about it’s tuition and expenses to its perspective students?

And on a final note: I have been called by Babson four times since I walked in May and been asked for Alumni donations. You’ve got to be fucking kidding.

Farewell and good night Babsonians, lock your doors, because odds are, you’re being felt-up financially while you sleep as well.


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  1. Donkey Lips on April 3rd, 2008

    This sucks considering that I plan to go back to my hometown in Los Angeles, CA.
    Well, if all else fails… I did hold a manager position at a Subway when I was in High School… I hope FME prepared me for that one.

  2. Missy on April 3rd, 2008

    well what market were you looking to get into? I work for a company that’s global, and i know people all over the world who know Babson. Why would International students come if people haven’t heard of Babson outside of MA… get real and stop Bitching. Babson is/was what you made it, yes it sucked at times but I still think it prepared us for the shitty side of the business world and how to deal with different situations and people. But still everyone is different and maybe my Babson experience was different from yours. But i was a minority student, i got a scholarship (not a full ride, but didn’t have to take out any loans) and i still managed to graduate, get a job before graduation and make way more them 40k out the gate, so i dont think your theory applies to everyone and I just wanted to share

  3. Crapmaster on April 3rd, 2008

    Right on about the jobs. Great example!

    And I remember how nice the financial aid package looked… took care of everything and didn’t seem too too bad for student loans… until I realized that I’ll be paying roughly $250k back, at about $2,000 each and every month for the next 25 years.

    All for that Babson diploma…

  4. Anti-Whiner on April 3rd, 2008

    Perhaps you’d find a spell checker useful before you post your next note bitching about Babson? Last time I checked, “sense” was not spelled “since”.

    College, no matter which, as well as LIFE in general, is what you make of it. You made the decision to go there, and whining about it will not help your situation. There are people making plenty of money without a college education. You had access to some of the best instructors in the nation for 4 years and yet you still find a way to bitch about not getting paid enough to pay for a student loan you KNEW you would have to pay for.

    Sounds like a personal problem. For reference, look at some of the other alumni from Babson – they seem to be doing just fine. (Wikipedia it)

  5. Sero on April 4th, 2008

    I find it so funny that people are completely against expression of a negative personal opinion about Babson. Do you think that success stories are the only ones that matter?

  6. over achiever on April 4th, 2008

    sounds to me that you do not properly present yourself, have no positive self image and no ambition.

  7. Frodo on April 4th, 2008

    wow, are you really telling the writer to spell check their blog? obviously, you got the point because you are trying to correct him.

    i also feel like the point of this blog was to comment on Babson’s misleading marketing. yea, life is what you make of it, but it sucks when you are tricked into doing something that doesn’t live up to its expectation.

    Sero and Crapmaster bring up good points

  8. greener pastures on April 4th, 2008

    Has it ever occurred to you maybe you didn’t get the job because you’re a head case? Once you land an interview what college you went to (and your lack of a stellar GPA) rarely matter. The truth is you probably blew the interview so bad that even your “connection” couldn’t save you. If you “absolutely killed the interview” you wouldn’t have been sent home packing. I also got news for you buddy: you think the person reading your resume thinks you forgot to list your GPA? No. They know you didn’t list it for a reason. Maybe if you spent your time in college studying instead of complaining you wouldn’t be in the predicament you now face.

    As a previous commenter said “college is what you make of it”. If you didn’t like Babson after you first two years you should have headed for greener pastures. Babson isn’t for everyone. No school is.

  9. Anti-Whiner on April 4th, 2008

    Yes, I did just tell the writer to spell check his own blog. Before I can take an an in-depth complaint essay using pretentious vocabulary (which is one of many in this entire site) seriously, I would expect for all of it to be spelled properly. I might understand if the word was more complex, but the word “sense” and the variations of it are absurdly basic. Furthermore, it gives a bit of insight towards the amount of effort (or lack thereof) this writer put into his college education (or development of his own common sense) at Babson.

    No one here is “completely against” the expression of a negative view on Babson, in fact I appreciate having another opinion to look at when considering the college. However, i would venture to say that most people who read this guy’s incessant whining are hardly sympathetic – seeing as how it is factually proven to be a VERY good school compared to many others in the nation, and he was one of those fortunate enough to get in.

    In addition, like the last commenter mentioned, college lasts FOUR YEARS. If you didn’t like it, get the hell out. Bitching about where you graduate from sounds like a fat person bitching about their weight. It doesn’t happen over night, and it takes a lot of effort and disregard for your health to become fat (i.e. – if you see the love handles coming in, stop eating twinkies). In this case, if he disliked Babson so much halfway through his degree, he should have transferred to a school he was less inclined to bitch about, or just conducted more research to begin with.

    And finally, if you think that Babson college is the only school that has slightly inaccurate or misleading marketing campaigns, you are sorely mistaken. A college is a business, they need students like companies need customers – try to name a company who has never misled a customer in their marketing… it can’t be done.

  10. Sero on April 4th, 2008

    @Anti-Whiner, you haven’t read this, have you? Also, I can’t believe you’re supporting the dishonesty of a scholarly institution. A college is a *service* business, the education and the delivery thereof being the service, and the students being the paying “clients”. If Babson really did run itself like a smart, community aware, and honest business, the first thing it would do would be to listen to its population (or “consumers”, since you’re insisting on being so cold-heartedly corporate) and center its actions around their opinions and desires. But they don’t. They make false promises, and cause their students to get pissed and come up with great anti-Babson tag lines like “Great product, terrible service.”

    And yes, you’re right: a lot of the people who comment here and read these posts are pro-Babson. But honestly, what did you expect from a URL like “”, a puff piece?

    @greener, you’re right. If I didn’t get the job, I must be a “head-case”. Great contribution.

  11. Anti-Whiner on April 4th, 2008

    Wrong. Some companies give bad service, good products, or vice versa… but the reality is, the particular product you’re speaking about is something that is widely regarded as one of the most important decisions of your life – COLLEGE.

    Why didn’t you do more research going into it? Did you go for an interview? Did you talk to people who went there first? After all, you should have done more research on something that would cost you almost 6 figures and take 4 years of your life. Even still, on that note, YOU COULD HAVE LEFT if you were unhappy. Quit bitching about the degree you stayed for. They didn’t hold you there at gunpoint.

  12. Crapmaster on April 6th, 2008

    Well Sero, greener pastures is probably right that you’re a head case, based on these two facts:

    1) You now have a great job in Connecticut.

    2) A qualified individual would never be turned down for a job, especially in the current economy with thousands of new jobs opening throughout the US…

    Oh, and just for those commentators who seem to have no common sense, that was sarcastic.

  13. b student on April 8th, 2008

    “Before I can take an an in-depth complaint essay using pretentious vocabulary”

    AN AN? the nerve! Somebody obviously slept through RHT…
    self-righteous dickhead.

  14. Anti-Whiner on April 13th, 2008

    Typing “an an” is a typo, not a blatant mis-spelling of an elementary word like “sense”. There is a difference between stupidity and making a common mistake on a keyboard.

    But thanks for combing my posts for small typographical errors in order to cut me down – I can see that your priorities are in line with those of the original author of this blog (i.e. complaining rather than contributing anything of real value).

  15. Potential Student at Babson on April 19th, 2008

    Anti-Whiner, not to be rude or anything, but didn’t you just comb through the artical for small errors just to cut the author down?

  16. Crapmaster on April 20th, 2008

    @Potential Student

    The majority of commentators on this blog seem to have no knowledge of Babson, yet they come here to make rude remarks for some reason. You are probably right in your assumption.

  17. Anti-Whiner on April 21st, 2008

    Yes, but in my combing I was also sure to include some argument of valuable content. All they did was find a typo I made… and nothing else of value.

    And Crapmaster… if you don’t want non-Babson students making remarks on the comments section of the blog, disable it. You guys have this entire blog dedicated to bitching about a school you chose to go to, and expect no one to say anything back? You can’t expect to go on the internet and post rude comments about a school many people enjoy (and pay a lot of money to go to) and not expect anyone to say anything in retaliation – Babson student or not. If you don’t want to hear the other side of the story, or people’s opinions – stop writing.

  18. Crapmaster on April 21st, 2008

    I love potential students commenting here. I get emails from them all the time asking for advice, too, and I’m happy to provide it.

    You are just confusing our useful advice and constructive criticism with bitching, that’s all.

  19. Missy on April 23rd, 2008

    I dont think we are confused at all. You are bitching.

  20. alumnus on May 14th, 2008

    Hi All,

    As a former student at Babson and employee, I have to admit, I have always enjoyed reading this blog and was somewhat sad to see its creator graduate. I agree with a previous submission that it is not only helpful, but important for an institution to hear what areas are both exceeding expectations as well as those that may fall short.

    Given the comments above, I have two thoughts. First, college and/or any other undertaking in life provides opportunity and it remains up to a person’s own ambition/drive/motivation/wants to chose the value they decide to extract from such opportunities. While I actually had a stellar experience at Babson, times have not changed as there were many who expressed frustrations during my tenure as well.

    Second, I would be very curious, aside from the bike incident in Van Winkle in which I agree there may have been a serious communication issue steming from administration based on the description, what other specific concerns you have? I have certainly heard the stereotype of Babson charging a great deal of money for students and “no service” delivered, but I am very interested in learning how students are defining those “services”?

    I have often thought Babson has all its priorities accurately defined, but I believe some of those priorities that directly affect students and student life, may sometimes not either be implemented properly and/or not consider the practicality of student life at Babson. Whether it involves housing, judicial affairs, activities, course selection, financial aid, billing, Career Center, there are always improvements that could be considered, but daily departmental requirements (which are required in any business) force any manager to select such priorities and implement them as needed and possible.

    However, as a former student and employee, I have also witnessed, first-hand, students who desire such conversations in any area of the college simply taking a moment (literally 30 minutes) to call (not e-mail) an administrator and ask them for their time in discussing a particular issue. This is where I feel Babson’s value has always shined.

    I’m only familiar with a handful of colleges and of those institutions, Babson is the only one I am aware of where one individual can easily provide a voice for many and/or have a direct impact on student life. A large majority of administrators and/or faculty have consistently taken the time to talk with students and not just about academic achievement or judicial issues, but “How is everything else going?”, “What other activities or interests do you have?”, “Is there anything you wish you could do here?” Those example questions, traditionally, allow an initially frustrated student the opportunity to understand that the institution does indeed care about its students and usually provides that student with information and/or further opportunities to aim their interests (whether it be a change on campus or a personal interest).

    I am quite sure there is a great deal more that could be said, but I greatly appreciate your time in reading this posting. Please continue to use such a forum to post concerns, issues, but do not forget the great many individuals (Public Safety, Facilities, Student Affairs, Faculty, etc) that are available as well.

    Congratulations to this year’s congraduates and enjoy senior week!

  21. Crapmaster on May 16th, 2008

    Thank you fellow alumnus for your thoughtful comments. It’s great when someone can look at multiple sides of the issue.

    And yes, it’s that time of year again, congrats grads!

  22. ya lyfe on July 30th, 2008

    interesting things said on this blog. i have something to add about babson college. well 2 things. first, why do we have to pay for a meal plan when the food sucks. i have been trying to get off of it and am finally gaining some land on the issue but they still say they will probably deny it. considering we pay 2000 dollars a SEMESTER for shitty food i think this is an outrage. thats around 400 a month for food. FOOD as a COLLEGE STUDENT!!! fucking retards. if people are really interested in the meal plan so be it but damn wat a waste of money.

    my second comment is about babo, or babson police. they are nice to some and dicks to others. they write some people up whenever they feel like it and then scratch their fat asses when they dont feel like writing someone up. but more importantly, they are sneaky bitches. i had a “gas” leak in my room that was detected at the end of the year. after seeing me, i had a beard at the time of finals, some dumb bitch from ocl decided it was appropriate to use her useless knowledge and become a phycologist. she came to the conclusion that i looked like i did meth. hahaha only at babson i guess. but the point is, some policy at babson is bogus and the people that run the place, mainly massholes, who already are douche bags to begin with, make the place a bit odd. considering im paying 50K a year now not including expenses regarding having a life, i should be able to choose what i want to eat and not be bugged by fat ass cops that hate on me cuz im a yankee fan. fuck ya life

  23. woowww get a life on December 9th, 2008

    honestly i agree with anti-whiner. if you didn’t like babson you should have saved your self the money and the time bitching and just dropped out. its good to hear the opposite view, when there are facts behind it. other than the bike (which has noooooooooooooo academic connection) what other hardcore evidence can you say against babson? its just ridiculous that you would spend this much of your life whining about the past, get over it and move on with your life. BTW i am a white student from CT and got plenttyy of financial aid, also during the recent economic disaster many students lost their loans and babson financial services worked overtime during the summer to assure no students would be lost. maybe it is you that is hard to work with and all the crap you are saying just reflects on your problems. either or, get over it and move on with your life, don’t spread your misery. you graduated right? nothing you can do about it now, cant get your money back and i don’t think any self respecting future babson student will take your sorry opinion into account.

  24. john smith on January 30th, 2010


    I am about to graduate from Babson and would like to join you as a staff writer. Got any spots open? I have a thousand wonderful stories to share.

    -John Smith

  25. Truthisnotrelative on August 22nd, 2010

    For anyone that sits there defending Babson… you either work for OCL or you’re a snot-nosed legacy student that has been handed everything. The rest of us have to (try to find) work for a living. If the school was a person, it would be a sociopath running a multi-million dollar scam.

    ALL THESE PEOPLE COMPLAIN and Babsons’ tactics are not to look internally and fix things to make the school better… instead they use denial, and then marginalization of anyone that doesn’t think Babson is just awesome. I went 4 years at this SHIT college. REAL schools have recognition beyond the dreary, overcast East Coast.

    Regardless if you’re a godless international student from a wealthy family, a legacy tard, or just a douchebag that pops his collar and wears a pink polo shirt, when you’re finally successful in life…Babson will take credit and then ask for money.

    You need to examine why so many people are upset with you! This blog is the tip of the iceberg. You’re in denial if you think there is nothing you should change. That is, assuming, you don’t already know, and you have no intention of changing. What is this “don’t spread your misery” bullshit?? They’ve screwed over countless students and Mr. “woowww get a life” has the nerve to dismiss students who cant find work, think campus life is miserable, feel that the $400/mo meal plan is a scam, etc.??!!?! Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on!!

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