Tina Fey Tells Babson Lacrosse To “Suck It”

Did anyone catch what Tina Fey said during her Golden Globes acceptance speech?

If I remember correctly, it was, “Babson Lacrosse… you can Suck it!”

Seriously. Watch this clip to see her speech:

(You can also catch the clip at YouTube or Gawker.)

If (like me) you had no clue what was going on, you might have thought she had a beef with the Babson Lax team. But it seems that the problem was just with one member of the team, or perhaps someone who just thought “BabsonLacrosse” seemed like a cool username.

See, BabsonLacrosse was one of the posters in an online forum who dissed Tina Fey. And Tina decided to call him/her out on national television!

(More discussion is here.)

Anyone know who this infamous Babson student is?

Anyway, it’s kind of funny. This is probably the most press coverage Babson has ever had!

And they’re eating it up:


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