My Sophomore Effort

tomasso hall

Hello Once Again. After thinking about whether or not I shall create a second entry so soon, at the risk of revealing my identity, I decided why the hell not.

Many people on these boards came to criticize Babson’s curriculum, so I’ve decided to further some comments made and topics discussed. I do believe that the Science Classes at Babson are simply repeats of high school sciences (perhaps even middle school) and that many of the liberal arts foundation courses are repeats of each other. One Class that sticks out in my mind as the epitome of Babson’s reputation, thus the source of the Almighty Hell, is the Devil formerly known as FME, or to the students as F-ME.

Long ago, back in the days of the covered wagon and when the Yankees were winning in the postseason, when the “potential freshmen” would tour Babson, it was explained to them that FME is why Babson is above other schools. FME seems to be the “life changing experience” that puts Babson ahead of any other business school. Well, one students take FME they can realize how badly mistaken they were at that time. Here’s why:

FME is a waste of in class time. It is simply going over programs like Excel, Access and perhaps even PowerPoint (might as well be Rybolt’s class) and the exams are comprised of problems with databases and basic accounting. Granted accounting is important in a business, but is IT really deserving of 50% of the FME cirriculum??? Now if you have horrible professors (mine never gave above a B+) then the problems are exacerbated.

Now I will go into the FME business. This “demi-god” is bestowed upon us by the administration and hyped up to be one of the biggest deals on Earth, when in all reality, all of that extra work is worth just over A THIRD of a class. We have to take 4 2/3 classes on top of this business, but social life’s are stunted and so is happiness because of the constant work involved in FME businesses, especially as officers. The fact that Babson is known for sadistic workloads does not help the students cause anyway.

Here is why the businesses are overrated. One is that when you are working, you cannot choose who you want to be in the business with (limited to class) and what the ideas are for the business. Some of the business ideas only make it through because of personal popularity rather than actual logistical merit, and good ideas are thrown out. And you are often in the business with 10-20 people that really don’t care about the business either, making it counter-productive. A better idea would be to let the kids in the grade form arbitrary groups of 30 and then come up with business ideas.

Sometimes this school makes me wonder why I even bother getting up in the morning, when I’m just going to face Babson every single day. I also wonder why I’m not an alcoholic.

My Debut Piece

Hello fellow community. I write to you in hopes that the changes brought out by this message will reach you as well as incoming students. The first issue amongst this school is the lack of money management. I’m sure you’re aware of the locks in Map Hill and Park Manor North. The “really high tech” ones that lock you out if you leave the door alone, and without your onecard leads to a long wait for your roomate or a call to Babo. These annoying locks are not only unnecessary, but over priced. Market value of locks like these range from $700-900 each. And Babson is considering using these locks in all dorms. Could you imagine how much money it would cost to fund all 15 or so dorms??? And where is that money coming from??? The money would be better spent on an exterminator to eliminate all of the rats in Forest, or better (or more) bathrooms/showers for the dorms, or even they could lower tuition.

Another problem with this school and money is the fact that Babson flat out extorts us out of money, and because they are a business entity and we are “lowly worms” they can get away with it. For example, one student I know moved from a triple to a double, literally 3-4 rooms down the hall (on the same floor of the same dorm building) and was hit with a $350 bill for the move…This makes as much sense as Beowulf having sex with Robert Fulton at the first Battle of Antietam. Another student moved from one dorm to another one (with Air Conditioning) and was hit with a $400-$500 bill, in which the A/C was only on for about a week longer (then they shut it off). I wonder how much they charge an hour to have Air Conditioned Dorms.

Another idea on how to improve Babson would be to have students return on Sundays, or on weekends, instead of during the middle of the week. The current plan disables many parents from going with the students (because of their work, and you’d think a business school would take that into account) and, in turn for having these few “free days”, we are punished with the Friday class at the end of the week. Now returning on weekends would save a day and not cost anybody wasted time/energy, and we’d save the Friday for whatever students do on Fridays.

Prof is watching! Look busy!