Tina Fey Tells Babson Lacrosse To “Suck It”

Did anyone catch what Tina Fey said during her Golden Globes acceptance speech?

If I remember correctly, it was, “Babson Lacrosse… you can Suck it!”

Seriously. Watch this clip to see her speech:

(You can also catch the clip at YouTube or Gawker.)

If (like me) you had no clue what was going on, you might have thought she had a beef with the Babson Lax team. But it seems that the problem was just with one member of the team, or perhaps someone who just thought “BabsonLacrosse” seemed like a cool username.

See, BabsonLacrosse was one of the posters in an online forum who dissed Tina Fey. And Tina decided to call him/her out on national television!

(More discussion is here.)

Anyone know who this infamous Babson student is?

Anyway, it’s kind of funny. This is probably the most press coverage Babson has ever had!

And they’re eating it up:

Post-Graduate Blues: Benefits? What Benefits?

Hello wonderful Babson-haters, and a big tip-o-the-hat to Babson-lovers.

I have not posted for a good long while, why do you ask? I guess I have not had enough contempt for Babson built up in order to drive me to express my disdain via blog post.

So, since I graduated this last September (which in itself was a bit of a rough landing; we had to start tossing passengers to slow the descent…it wasn’t pretty), I decided I would pursue my dream of purchasing a motorcycle, then driving across this huge-ass county to none other than sunny California. The trip was great…blah blah blah…I arrived in San Diego.

For three months, I tried to get a job. At first I was picky. Then I lowered the bar, and I then I almost broke the damn thing because I slammed it so hard into the ground. The fucking bar couldn’t get any lower. I figured, maybe I just didn’t have enough experience? But I’ve had 2 internships, AND I’ve ran my own apparel company for the last 2 years! What on Barefoot’s Green Earth could be preventing these people from not calling me back? Not one e-mail, not one phone call in 3 months and over 100 applications, with varying follow up tactics, and cover letters. Every position was entry-level (some internships), I certainly wasn’t shooting for the stars, and if I was, I hit my fucking foot. I was working a retail job, and hated every minute of it, so I quit, and refused to get another crap job and go for the career winner. Nothing. But then I got an interview in San Francisco! Alas, a break! I flew up there on my own coin, and absolutely killed the interview. Even better, I had a personal recommendation from the head national recruiting whom my father happened to be friends with! This was third rounds too, as I had already had two phone interviews. I would’ve bet my life on me getting that job. But, to my absolute dismay, I did not receive the position. I was crushed, and out of money, so I had to circle the wagons, and head home with my tail between my legs. More importantly, I was baffled…they hadn’t asked for my GPA (which isn’t too stellar), and I had inside people sending notes to the small branch telling them to hire me…so what went wrong? I received a note from my fathers friend, the Head Recruiter telling me the name of the other candidate (there were only two, me and her). I facebooked her, my jaw dropped: she was a recent grad from a local California Technical College, about one step up from a Community College.

But then it dawned on me: why would they choose her over me? Because not even the goddamn internet has heard of Babson College once you get out of the North East. I asked around. No one had heard of it. Especially not employers. I was a man who was holding the worlds largest ball of shit, and hidden deep inside was a tiny gold nugget known as “Babson”. Babson’s marketing is a fraud, a scam. Students are being bamboozled into thinking that the college has national pull, when it couldn’t be more localized.

Now for the skeptics in the audience, let me add a constant. I returned to my home in Connecticut (reluctantly, and broke) and using the same Craigslist, Monster, CareerBuilder resume-carpet bombing technique I used in San Diego, I was astonished. Within three weeks, I had 3 interviews. Within six weeks, I had an offer, with four other interviews lined up. I had a choice of where I got to work. My job I have now is great, I couldn’t be happier, nor could I be in a better position for long term growth. The only difference being: every single interview I had in the North East started with “Oh I know Babson, it’s a great school!”. I bit my lip, smiled and said “Absolutely it is!” every gut wrenching time I heard that sentence.

Yes, the Babson name is worth something. It’s worth a job. But that name, “Babson”, west of Pennsylvania, means about as much as the fake diploma I received on the day I was supposed to graduate with my class in May, when only weeks before I had been informed I was a few credits shy of officially graduating. Thanks again Babson, you got me, you little scamp, you.

Transitioning into a different subject, a more broad one, but still pertinent to Babson, I’d like to discuss Student Loans. Babson’s tuition went up again this year, poor students… So here’s the facts, source: Princeton Review.

Aid Statistics
Freshmen receiving need-based financial aid: 40%
Undergraduate receiving need-based financial aid: 24%
Average freshman loan: $2,686
Average freshman total need-based gift aid: $21,793

All right, hey! 24% of students get financial aid! And total average aid is almost $22k! But…lets run some numbers here… tuition, room and board and meal plan easily total almost $48k a year, that leaves Mr. Average Aid Package only cutting less than half of that per year. So, that being the case, the total for four years cost (after aid) is $104k. Now, let’s assume most of the student who need aid do not have the financial propensity pay in cash, so they take some loans out for…oh, let’s say $100k.

By the way, Babson doesn’t even report it’s tuition now, check this out, right from Princeton Review.

Annual Expenses
Tuition: Not Reported

Think the conversation went like this? “Um…tuition is rising every year because we don’t have large enough endowment and no one’s donating and our costs (of flagpole fountains) and faculty greatly outweigh our income…what do we tell the prospective students who want to try and budget out the next 10 years of their life based on our tuition?” [Barefoot Pauses, steepling his fingers] “Tell them, NOTHING!” as he says with a death metal yell.

Seriously, thats brutal, in every since of the word. Anyways, $100k in debt, students are kicked into the (hopefully east coast) workforce to try and find a job, where they will then face…drum roll please… up to an $1,800 payment per month for 15 fucking years. If they’re lucky, post-consolidation, they are looking at $600-$800 for 30 fucking years. Thats a final cost of $250,000-$300,000 after all payments are made on time. The banks’ investment in you being an idiot and the school being a marketing ploy has paid off, and paid off well might I add. They’ve tripled their investment.

Now you might say: “pay it off early!” Ya, let me get right on that with my $35k a year salary, my shit ass apartment, and my used car I just financed. How the fuck do you expect me to make $1800 monthly payments one year out of college? Moreover, how does Babson get away with not disclosing critical information about it’s tuition and expenses to its perspective students?

And on a final note: I have been called by Babson four times since I walked in May and been asked for Alumni donations. You’ve got to be fucking kidding.

Farewell and good night Babsonians, lock your doors, because odds are, you’re being felt-up financially while you sleep as well.

“The level of commitment is much more important than the specific activity”

“The level of commitment is much more important than the specific activity.”

That’s a quote from James Dewey-Rosenfeld (senior assistant director of undergraduate admissions at Babson College) in a recent article at BusinessWeek.

So on the off chance that you are reading this blog yet still want to go to Babson, that article will give you some tips to get in.

State police nab pair going 134 mph on I-295

Babson in the news…

GARDINER, Maine—A lot of speedometers top out at 120 mph, but Maine State Police say they clocked a pair of Massachusetts college students doing 134 along Interstate 295 in the Gardiner area.

Using laser equipment, troopers spotted a 2008 Mercedes SUV and a 2008 Volkswagen GTI just north of Cobbossee Stream. The vehicles were pulled over and the drivers, both Babson College students, were cited for criminal speed.

Police say the men then proceeded to the mountains for a weekend of skiing at Sugarloaf.

[Source: Boston.com]

Looking Back on My Professors (Advice for Current Babson Students)

Now that I have left college and become a working stiff, I thought it would be nice to reminisce a little bit about my college experience in hopes that current Babson students can make use of my insights. (In other words, this is my advice on which profs to take and which to avoid.)

It might not include everyone, but that’s mainly because I’m lazy. And I have only included professors that stood out for a specific reason. It will point you in the right direction though.

While I’m writing, I’d also like to encourage any other students/graduates to take a little time and do the same, for the benefit of current/future students. (I guess it’s like those yellow sheets we fill out, except that this time our fellow students get to see what we think.)

Here we go, in no particular order…

Professor Winrich

I had the pleasure of taking both Electronic Technology and Natural Disasters with Winrich. He’s an all around great guy, in and out of the classroom. Winrich can teach well, both of those classes are actually interesting, and it’s even stuff you could put to use in real life.

Professor Lester

I haven’t seen her since freshman Business Law, but that class really stands out. Probably because I did a ton of work for it! It was certainly hard, but I learned a lot in that class thanks to her.

It was like a “get ready for real life” class. Lester laid down the law, so to speak, and required everyone to step up and act professionally. The classroom environment, her real-life experience, and the case simulations all added up to a lot of learning.

Professor Ehrlich

Professor Ehrlich teaches law classes, such as Commercial Law, which should be required for any entrepreneur. He’s a strict, no-nonsense type of guy that will make you work, but you’ll learn a lot. He has a lot of real world experience that comes out in the classroom, so if you want to learn, this is the class for you.

(I’d say my law classes were the most useful ones I had at Babson.)

Professor Caspe

Professor Caspe was the man. He teaches at Babson’s graduate school most of the time, but if you ever see his name on an undergrad course, take it! I think the class was “Marketing for Entrepreneurs” or something.

This guy has tons of real life experience, he’s smart, he’s honest with you, and he actually wants you to learn! (That last point is very nice, because too many professors get so caught up in grades and Babson’s grade deflation policies that they forget about the students…)

Professor Shulman

The one thing that stands out in my mind is the size of his ego. He’s pretty funny though and can run a decent class. But I can’t recommend him after I got suckered into taking Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures… It’s a total finance class, despite that fact that it is labeled as an EPS (short for Entrepreneurship) class.

(Fulfilling an EPS concentration isn’t worth taking this class.)

Professor Wain

Wain is a good guy that you can find in the Accounting division. He’s friendly and attends sporting events, so he’s in tune with campus. While I’ve never had him as a professor, I will say that I learned a lot more when he substituted in my Managerial Accounting class than when the normal prof was there…

Professor Krigman

She’s a finance professor. But despite my lack of interest in finance, I was able to learn stuff in her class.

Professor Govoni

Govoni teaches marketing and he’s a good guy. His tests are super hard and nit-picky though, so if you have him, read the book word-for-word.

Professor Coyle

He was there bright and early (8 AM) to teach some Accounting basics in IME and he always has good jokes. He’s a good teacher, too, and likable.

Professor Grossman

If you are into IT, this is your guy. He teaches quite a few IT classes and he’s very smart and experienced. Certainly a good guy to know.

Professor Dambolena

Going way back to freshman year again… He’s an interesting guy and class was fun sometimes, but he has an accent. That might not sound so bad, but calculus is hard enough when the prof speaks perfect English!

Professor Mathaisel

He also taught calculus/QTM/probability and statistics classes. He’s a smart guy and has a good, standard class where you can learn nicely.

Professor Bayer

Is he still there? He taught an Econ class, and the class isn’t so bad, but he checked out years ago (right after he got his tenure I bet.) All we did was read the PowerPoint presentations that came with the book and then take quizzes, which were also the standard quizzes provided by the book’s publisher.

Professor Frost

I think he retired, but his Physical Anthropology class was something else. He was way too into the subject for being at a business school, where students can’t help but slack off in the liberal arts classes.

Professor Platt

Opposite from Physical Anthropology was this class Cultural anthropology. It was packed with good stuff.

Platt is a great professor, the books we read were genuinely useful and interesting, and I learned stuff in there I’ll carry with me forever. If I remember correctly, she does a World Religions class as well, which is good.


Well there you go. Use it wisely. (Sorry if I left out some professors, but this post took long enough to write as it is!)

Babson’s Entrepreneurship Status Beginning to Crumble

As predicted, without continued innovation, Babson’s entrepreneurship status is beginning to crumble before our very eyes.

As noted at Daily Slop and Campus Entrepreneurship, the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business has been named the nation’s top graduate program for 2007 (by Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine.)

You can learn all about it in this press release. There’s a great article in the school paper, too, which basically says their school is the best.

What will Babson’s response be??

Complete Resources For Prospective Babson Students

If you’re looking into Babson but haven’t seen our sister site, OCL Ruined My Campus Life, you are missing out on a whole lot of goodness.

We have guides to surviving all aspects of Babson. If you haven’t seen them, here they are:

We have more in the works, too, so stay tuned!

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