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The Next Babson President is Announced

the next babson college president

Moments ago I was informed that the Next Babson President has been announced. No, not Barefoot’s replacement, but the Next Babson President, which is a website dedicated to finding the next Babson president.

Click the link to get in on the campaign!





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Before You Write That 50 Page Business Plan

If there’s one thing about Babson that stands out more than the lack of social life, it’s the emphasis on business plans. You’ve probably had to write one in an EPS class or at least toyed with one for your FME business. EPS 3501 was all about how to write a business plan. Aside from classwork, there are multiple business plan competitions each year (including some on the upcoming Founder’s Day.)

That’s great that we learn so much about business plans, but it just hit me that I have been taught many things about writing a business plan or finding venture capital for a business, while learning very little about running a business. Yes, I had FME, and yes I’ve read a ton of HBS cases. But I’m still left feeling that there is a little more emphasis on the planning and not so much on the execution.

What makes the business plan focus even more ironic is a study, conducted by Babson, which found no difference between businesses started with a business plan and those without one. Guy Kawasaki wrote about the study on his blog – check it out to see more about the study and the findings.

To summarize, the study analyzed 116 businesses started by Babson alums and found no statistical difference in success between those businesses started with formal written plans and those without them.

So the next time your professor wants some detailed 50 page business plan, just show them a copy of this study 🙂

(The full study is available for download here.)

What the Hell was the Senior Fee for?

This is it. The countdown to that thing that happens on May 19. Nightly SODA parties and awaiting the upcoming senior week. Finally putting that $200 “senior fee” to good use! (Ya know, the one that was charged to every senior’s bill at the beginning of the school year, which can be seen in the Babson portal.)

But wait… what’s this?! A $200 senior fee but also a $205 charge to sign-up for senior week??

Yes, that’s right. We just had to pay $205 for senior week (if we wanted the reduced rate,) and anyone still planning to sign-up will be paying $265 or some other ridiculous amount.

What do we get for that $405 (or $465)? There is a trip to Mohegan Sun and a senior ball in Boston, but otherwise just some barbecues on campus and the “last pub night.” In other words, things that happen anyway during the school year and are usually free.

After shelling out $160k these past four years, why not just include the cost there? Babson has the audacity to charge us $205 for this after tacking on an extra $200 fee earlier this year? It’s minuscule compared to tuition, but the principle of the matter pisses us off.

I’m assuming that senior fee covers our cap and gown, which we get to keep after graduating! Woo hoo, something else to clutter my closet floor!

This post was inspired by one of our readers and I was more than happy to bring this up. Please chime in with your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Want to piss people off?

If so, I have the perfect opportunity for you!

If you have any gripes about any campus groups, I want to hear them.  Make fun of the fraternities, sororities, or even the cycling club.  It’s fine with me.  If it’s funny we’ll post it up on the blog under a pseudonym.  Make up your name, send it from off-campus from a non-Babson email, whatever you want.

This blog is all about controversy (please no personal attacks though.)

And while you’re reading, please note that any similarities between our nicknames (such as Crapmaster, Fire Barefoot, 9th Wonder, etc) and real people are purely coincidental.

Thank you and have a nice day and a wonderful Spring Break!


Reader Email February 2007

We’ve decided to start posting reader emails on the site if they’re good enough.

See our first batch from February 2007 here.

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