Farewell to Babson High

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Well, it’s May, which can only mean one thing: graduation. Some of us are lucky enough to get out of Babson Park, and yet it’s strangely sentimental. In effect, due to graduation, I guess this is really my last post on the blog, which adds to that sentiment. But I’d like to go out addressing both sides of this bipolar nature of graduation.

Yes, it’s that time of year when some people get all teary-eyed and look back on the fond memories they had of their wonderful college experience. Unfortunately, those people don’t go to Babson, they go to real colleges. So really it’s that time of year when people have to say goodbye to the close friends they’ve made, bring back all of those “remember when…” moments, and at the same time lift a huge weight off their shoulders. That weightless feeling is not a hallucination. It is Babson removing its hands from your shoulders and pulling out of your anus because they have finally finished banging you.

Well, of course they will constantly ask you to pay them donations for the amazing butt sex they just gave you. But you can read more about that in my previous post (“Why You Should Never Donate to Babson”). More importantly, it is that time when you finally get to leave campus and start searching for a really good psychiatrist. After all, you need someone to help you get through the last four years you managed to survive. Some of you may have found a happy place while being raped, but suppressed memories are not healthy. Others may emerge from Babson and not be able to visit other campuses for a while because of the emotional damage done here. Whatever the situation, hopefully your job’s medical insurance covers most of the cost because you’ve spent enough during your time here.

Anyway, for those of you who are still completing the “Babson Experience” or are deciding whether they want such an experience, I thought I would make some final, summarizing thoughts from the other side of the fence.

In my experience, Babson wasn’t worth it, and if I had to do college over again, I would most definitely choose a different option. I came from a graduating class of 79 people in high school, where I was friends with pretty much everyone in my class and most of my school, as well as the faculty, staff, and admins. It was the epitome of what a small school should be like, and represented every reason why a person would prefer a small school to a large one: small class sizes, students aren’t just another number, no bureaucracy, close-knit community, etc. Then I come to Babson, which prides itself on being a small school, and I immediately associated it with the amazing experiences I had in high school. Well, unfortunately, that wasn’t Babson at all. Babson, in a nutshell, is a large school in small school’s clothing.

What do I mean by that? I mean when’s the last time the administration made you feel like you were a living, breathing human being? It rarely happens, if ever. But isn’t that sort of the essence of a community? We’re pretend like we have all these good qualities in our school, and aside from teaching quality we really don’t have any. We’re like that kid you all knew in high school that tried so hard to fit in with all the cool kids that he/she ended up being a total loser. It’s sad. We get so caught up in policies and people that we end up losing sight of the big picture.

I think it may have a lot to do with the administration’s attitude. They take no investment in the students whatsoever. Take, for instance, Dean Reza. The guy is useless. I’ve had to spend an hour in the guy’s office going over my credits and class planning, when it should’ve taken 10 minutes. I wouldn’t have gone except for it was mandatory, and it was irritating to see him fumbling around with such an easy task for so long. But aside from being useless, the guy doesn’t even know people’s names. While listing off people during graduation, he was messing up some of the easiest names and mispronouncing people that most everyone in our class knew. It’s like we just hired him to come in and say names and he had never met any of us or worked with our class for 4 years. It’s embarrassing, and it’s a good example of how our class dean might as well have been with a class of 10,000 instead of 300+.

Yet, it’s also the people we let into the school. For instance, our SAT score is somewhere in the 1200’s usually. Compare that to our other competitors on the business week list. Most have higher than us. Let’s speculate for a minute. We admit about 37% of all applicants each year. That’s pretty selective. Why do we have a low SAT score then? Why don’t we select more smart kids? Well, one answer is maybe they’re just not applying. I find that hard to believe, although it is a possibility. A more likely scenario: rich mommies and daddies. This is much more believable. Follow with me for a second: Mortimer A. Smith, Sr. doesn’t want his mongoloid son Mortimer A. Smith, Jr. going to a lowly state school because it makes Sr. look bad and makes it harder for him to get Jr. a job after he graduates. Far off? Doubtful. It may unearth a correlation between the number of $30,000 cars on campus and the low SAT average. Why does the SAT matter? Well, on the surface it doesn’t. I mean, SAT score doesn’t really make you a better person or not. I merely used it to illustrate that we let in people based on how much money we’re going to get out of it instead of whether they’re actually a good person to admit. It seems like for as much as we promote entrepreneurship, we produce a bunch of robots. I’ll be the first to admit I’m no genius, but it was sickening to see so many people kiss professors’ asses with worthless participation, regurgitate things the professor or other students said, or ask professors what exactly they wanted to see on a paper or in an exam. I think some things you can figure out on your own, but most of the people here need to be programmed. Yeah, we probably produce great workers, but do we produce great leaders? Doubtful. I’d be willing to be 30 or 40 years from now people will look back and find we were more successful producing leaders when we were a party school than when we were an uptight rectum posing as a school.

The same can be said about our diverse-centered mindset? I’m all for diversity, but we do it the wrong way. What I mean is that any student from any race or country or other demographic should still be just another student. It’s great to have a diverse mix of people, but what Babson does is constantly point out the diversity and create an atmosphere that reeks of the fact that they’re only supporting diversity in order to showcase it. Why? Because it makes the school look better to the world. We’re really trying to polish up our global image even though we don’t have a domestic one west of the Hudson. Makes sense. Or maybe it could be the fact that international students get charged more and are not eligible for financial aid (translation: more cash in Babson’s pocket). It’s a slap in the face to people from diverse cultures to feel they were brought here for Babson’s benefit and not their own. In fact, it’s a slap in the face to anyone anywhere for that matter.

Most of the time when I think about these things, I just end up pissed. I was talking about it with someone at a big university the other day, and a point was brought up that similar crap is served at universities all the time. And I thought, that’s right, this stuff probably happens at a lot of places. But those schools have 20,000+ students. They have pubs and real parties and late-night food, and a million other things that we don’t have, which is partly why its students chose a big university in the first place. We come to Babson expecting the benefits of a small-school atmosphere, and instead we get the worst of both the small-school and big-school worlds. So really what it amounts to is disappointment. It’s like when you see an awesome trailer for a movie, and then when you go see the real thing it’s awful and the only good parts were from the trailer. That’s really the bottom line–disappointment. It’s not that we have no hope of making this place better, or that we had zero fun while we were here. It’s that we came in expecting to get prime rib and ended up getting prime rib cut off our own asses. And really, who wants to go to a school that’s a work in progress? Most people get an awesome four years of their lives, often the best four, and love their schools. We have to turn Babson over and shake the crap out of it just to get anywhere, and yet they wonder why we leave here pissed off. At least if they don’t want to change their ways, they could market the school the way it really is so people that come here know what they’re getting. Or else they could just let in kids that study Sunday thru Saturday, don’t go out, don’t get laid, and are easily pleased. I guess then we’d be Olin. But maybe that’s not so bad, I mean I was jealous of their end of the year party with a huge jousting platform, rock climbing wall, and a ton of other cool stuff. But hey, at least we got a has-been band and a “beer garden” that includes a fold-out table, a keg, and some solo cups (which disgraces the term “beer garden” if you have ever been to a real one).

So I guess maybe if I came in with the bar set lower and knew more of what I was getting into, then maybe I would’ve liked it more. Maybe. But then I think, why should that be the case? Why should students have to be dumbed or lamed down in order to enjoy it here? Babson purposely sets the bar so high with its marketing campaign, so shouldn’t they be held to live up to it? I think so. If they’re going to market themselves as being small-school, then they should follow up on that and create an actual small-school atmosphere, should they not? I mean otherwise it’s just a total crap shoot whether you’re going to like it here or not. Maybe it’s easier said than done to fix that kind of thing, but why don’t we use some of that innovative, entrepreneurial spirit we hear so much about? Maybe that’s bullshit too, I don’t know.

In all honesty, though, I realize I am probably way too tough on Babson (and maybe most of the site is, as well, but deservedly so). I mean, they do provide a high teaching quality, and I don’t think any of us have ever really complained about that. And there is a lot I’m going to miss, as well. Ok, maybe not “a lot,” but some things. Mostly, my friends. I walked into Map Hill the other day and went into my suite. It was completely empty. All the stuff we left in the fridge when we moved out, the kitchen stuff, all gone. The detergent we spilled on the floor, MIA. The paint on the walls we messed up from many nights of inviting our friends Jack and Jose over, all re-painted. There was natural light coming through the windows, which I don’t think ever happened while I lived there. Rooms that used to be filled with life, now desolate. Everything was gone, like we never even existed there. Needless to say, it was depressing. In one day, they came in and undid everything we did. And those are the things I’ll miss. The little things. The memories. The things that made that poorly-constructed room into a home. The things that made that piece of crap elevator into a basis for dorm-wide war.

I know I said I would never choose Babson again if I had the choice, and I wouldn’t. But I would definitely have to bring my friends with me. They’re what made tolerable everything at Babson that had no right to be so. For that, I’m forever grateful. So while we continue to crap on Babson, let’s not forget that are many more important things to escape Babson with aside from your money and dignity. When you leave Babson, all the things you hate about it get to stay behind. But all the little things I mentioned, you get to keep those with you forever.

Anyway, like I said, I know I’m normally way too hard on Babson. I can concede that. Nevertheless, most people are way too easy and/or forgiving. So the extreme weight against the school is to help students come out somewhere in the middle I think. Which is fine. You should be making the decisions for yourself. Babson has their extremely good marketing campaign that has brought you to the school in the first place, and we have our site to offset it in the efforts that hopefully you can see both sides and come up with your own opinion, whatever that may be.

I’ve had a great time writing for this site. I think it’s an awesome initiative and will help turn Babson into the place it could potentially be. I appreciate all the feedback and discussions, and even if they haven’t all directly made the school a better place I know they’ve helped get a ton of stress off all of our chests just by venting our frustration with the school. In a way, it’s united us at a place where there aren’t too many reasons to unite. And as those of us that have graduated pass the torch on, I hope that you might also pick it up and make forward progress, in the hopes that this small group of Babson-haters might one day end up as architects.

Craptain Hook out. Yarrr.

Why You Should Never Donate to Babson

Here’s a little financial tip that will help all those who will soon be graduating: never donate your money to Babson. Now, I know a lot of people might be saying, “why would you not want people to donate?” Well, there are several reasons, so bear with me as I hit all of them.

First, donating to Babson is the literal equivalent of donating to your toilet. You wouldn’t take wads of cash out of your wallet and flush it down the toilet, would you? So why would you hand over wads of your money to people who will do just that? It makes no sense at all.

Here’s what $5 does for Babson: nothing. Sure $5 across many people adds up. So maybe we can use that money for a Segue for our new president. Or maybe we can redo the entrances again because it really has been a couple months and they feel left out. Or we could pay the salaries of completely useless people in completely useless positions in the administration. It could go towards any one of a million stupid things around here.

So you say maybe it goes towards helping someone, like that it keeps tuition down. I say where is this discount in tuition, as my debt level from this school is disheartening. Should our tuition really be $60k per year? Because it’s absurd at $45+ already. Sure, maybe that ~$15k is subsidized by donations, but isn’t that just a Band-Aid for a bullet wound? So what does that really solve, then? You’re just contributing to the problem because you’re helping Babson not face the bigger issue, which is that they handle cash worse than my 7-year-old niece.

Which brings me to my next point: you’re not doing Babson any favors. The more money they get, the more they think they are doing things right. You think giving money helps the school in the long run, but it doesn’t. It only makes them hire more idiots and put off firing the ones we already have. It makes them justify wasting money because after all, if they don’t waste it then they won’t have as big of a budget next year.

Here’s a fact: if you donate a little money, they ask for more. If you donate nothing, they ask you why not. Now, if you consider that, which do you think gets more done around here–the administration continuing to throw money in the garbage, or the administration getting feedback on what they need to do in order to EARN your money?

Which brings me to yet another point: Babson should earn your donations. Yeah, they have good teaching quality. You already paid for that with $175+ tuition over 4 years. The sad part is how Babson convinces you to think that $175+ is not enough for the education you received. You have to be kidding me. If you believe that, then I also own this bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in buying. Not that Babson should take you out for dinner for your donation, but what are they doing for future classes of students that they need direct funding for? Where precisely is your money going? “Athletics” or some other general category doesn’t tell you anything. You could be putting money into “Athletics” and have it go toward new fold-out chairs for PepsiCo. Ask tough questions, and if you don’t get solid answers then you’re wasting your money.

I’d say the worst excuse for donation is that it’s going to help you in the long run. Ok, let’s say we get donations and therefore participation up, which might help bring our ranking up. Then what? It won’t bring it up more than a few spots in the rankings based on participation alone, it’s only a small part of a long equation for calculating rankings. Even if it did, what is that going to be worth by the time you see the benefit of it? After you’ve been in the work force for a while, it doesn’t matter where you got your undergrad. Plus, whether you graduate from here or from Wharton, if you’re graduating with a 2.0 then does it really matter where your school was ranked?

Going along with that, here’s an interesting thing: The last few years, donations from the senior class have been increasing, and yet our ranking has been decreasing. Judging by that trend, we should probably stop donating in order to get the ranking up…well, ok, that’s obviously not a logical deduction, but my point is really just to show that participating to help ourselves is a myth.

Basically, all I’m trying to say is think twice about it. Hell, think three or four times about it. It’s your money. When your parents aren’t paying for everything, every dollar counts. Donating gets you nothing at Babson. They will throw you a barbecue, yippie, as if you don’t deserve it just for surviving here for so long. Notice they never even said “Thank You” for the $175+ you already donated through tuition. You get at least that much when you buy a Snickers at 7-11.

If you want to donate, knock yourself out. It’s your money, you can do whatever you want with it. But if you think for one second that someone out there is benefiting from it, you’re very much mistaken. Actually, you’re not…there are several construction companies that make a killing off our school’s stupidity. But if you think you’re helping the Babson pseudo-community, THEN you’re mistaken.

If you’re not convinced at this point, then I have one last point to make, which is probably the most important of any of the points I’ve made to this point: there are much more deserving organizations out there. At least donate to your high school. Or a charity that helps the poor and needy. Or maybe another organization that will use your dollars to directly help those who need it most because there are a lot of people that worry about what they’re going to eat this week or where they’re going to sleep, and they could use your money a lot more than the company that’s going to build the next flag fountain.

This school is way too caught up in itself to consider the people that surround it and ultimately support it. It’s time you made a stand against that. Donating money only pushes them to continue the same way they have been. Save your money at the very least. Or show them by example that people are what matters, and that you care about others the way they should be caring. Until you do, then the school as a whole will never support the people that support it, and we will continue to have places like crapcampus.com because Babson has no idea what the concept of “community” is. If you want better things for future classes, make Babson earn it, and until they do, then your dollars are much better spent at places that really need your money and will use it to its maximum value.

Anyway, if you’d like, I’m also accepting donations that will go towards a reparations fund for seniors for having to deal with all the garbage Babson puts them through. This way they have some extra money when they graduate to start their lives instead of getting bled dry before they make their first dollar in the real world. Let me know if you’re interested.

True Story

Since I haven’t published an article in a while, I figured now would be a good time.

One thing I’ve been noticing is how many e-mails and/or comments we get that tell us we need to get lives and stop whining. Well, last time I was at the doctor’s office, they took my blood pressure. I saw that it was above zero, which indicated to me that I do, in fact, have a life. So let’s put that baby to bed because after a couple e-mails you start to wonder if you really did wake up from that binger last night.

Now, what the writer(s) probably meant to say was, “get a life that more closely resembles mine.” I figured why not look into it? So I decided to follow a couple of these people around campus all day. Needless to say, it was pretty sad.

I caught up with one girl around lunch time, so I followed her to Trim. While she went inside, I noticed one of the staff members outside scooping up a monster pile of old dog shit behind the dumpster. The staff member proceeded to carry it inside with a big metal spoon. When I got into Trim and saw the girl downstairs, she was waiting in the hot food line. Just as I was approaching the line, none other than the staff member with the spoonful of shit walks in from stage left. Sure enough, the poor girl approached the buffet, and she was rewarded with a top-quality steamer from the staff. Despite gagging on the fumes, she saw the little sign that read “mexican rice,” but dismissed it. After all, if Babson tells you something then why on earth would you ever question it?

With my appetite ruined, I thought I would head over to Map Hill to catch up with our second buddy. I don’t really know who he is, but he lives on the first floor near the entrance. I noticed this guy had some real issues. He was inside sitting down to a nicely-prepared dinner with his girlfriend. The abnormal part came when I noticed his girlfriend apparently never said anything other than the letter “O” and realized she was made of plastic. Meanwhile, two huge guys in orange jumpsuits walked by with big-gulp-sized cups of beer and jailhouse tattoos that said “The elevator must die!” Our friend remained inside enjoying his date. Five minutes later, Map Hill had a freshly broken elevator. Apparently some idiot on the fifth floor though he could be a tough guy and beat up anyone breaking the rules in his hallway, since his throat became the lucky new owner of a whittled-down, sharpened prison toothbrush.

After following these two, I figured I would try one last person. The only problem was that nobody on the entire campus knew who he was, except for one kid that smelled like tomato soup and was wearing a Star Trek outfit. He said he and the other kid were best friends, and that no one else at Babson really understood them except for OCL. He commented on how cool OCL’s events were, like make-your-own-abstinence-poster night.

So with that, I was forced to return home defeated. My sad life of having a job, house, and girlfriend waiting for me after graduation, partying, trying to improve the lives of students at Babson, and generally being a big deal was absolutely nothing in comparison. So I think I might have to scrap the non-life I have right now so I can upgrade to a REAL life.

In case you can’t pick up on sarcasm, this is a completely true story. The people discussed are actual people on campus. Every day, Babson administrators rape your pride. They readily give away their integrity over the dumbest, smallest things imaginable and completely miss the big picture. But as if this weren’t bad enough, they really do convince a large portion of the campus population that their brand of rape is good for them and that it’s their own fault they’re getting raped in the first place.

And what do the students say? “They’re just doing their job” is a popular one. “Stop whining.” “Get a life.” “Babson is what you make of it.” You know what I say? Change your name to Forest Gump because you are officially a mongoloid. Many of us at CrapCampus.com have met personally with many administrators in the past over various issues, and continue to do so. The purpose is to make changes at the school. So we’re trying to make the black hole of happiness called Babson a better place. This blog also helps that goal because MOST of the people on campus feel similarly to us, and yet they initially feel like their opinion is the minority. Erroneous. Make your voices heard. And if some prick tells you to get a life or stop whining, it’s because he’s pissed that his life is a piece of crap and he doesn’t have the balls to stand up for himself.

I say question everything. Give Babson an inch, and they’ll take a mile. If you don’t speak out against them, nothing will change. Already since I’ve joined, the number of writers here has more than doubled. Whether due directly, indirectly, or partly to this movement, this year we’ve got an extra pub day on Friday. We now have electronic and physical feedback forms to easily and anonymously voice your opinion to administrators who have to listen. OCL now reports to Dean Hanno, who is actually a great person to get ahold of if you’re having issues with various departments around campus because he will actually get things done that benefit the big picture. We have a person in SGA that we fully support and that will now have another great medium for getting positive changes made around campus.

So for all the people that want to criticize what we’re doing, eat shit. We’ve made more changes at Babson in a year than you will make in the entire world with your entire pathetic lives. So put that in a bowl with some milk and think twice next time you feel we need to “get a life” and “stop whining.”

Roger’s Pub

Before I get into my blog today, I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support. I’m relatively new to the crapcampus.com blog, but so far all the other bloggers and visitors to the site have been very supportive of not only the project but my contributions to it, as well. If you like what we’re doing here, please don’t hesitate to speak up and share your thoughts since that is the best way for us to make changes around campus.

Having said that, I would also like to encourage people to try and contribute not only their honest opinions of Babon but also suggestions for improvement. I know we all have been taken advantage of big time by Babson and the administration, and they certainly deserve to get any bad press that comes their way. But the way I see it (and by all means correct me if I’m wrong), the crapcampus.com project is more geared towards making a change at Babson by uniting around a forum where we can share our thoughts, ideas, gripes, and suggestions. After all, the crampcampus.com web site states the following:

“Our goal is not just to make schools look bad. We just want to show what they are really like. Hopefully then they will realize that some things need to change.”

I want to make it clear that I’m NOT discouraging comments in any way. Part of the greatness of the site is your ability to anonymously vent your frustrations about the school, so feel free to blast away. But at the same time, keep in mind that powerful alumni, Babson administrators, and others are also viewing the site, and they can actually make changes in the school. If they show up here and just see a destructive war zone against Babson, then they will likely just write off a lot of our quality thoughts and opinions and try to shut us down. But if we contribute in a way that shows we are organized and have thought things out, then it gives the project a great deal of credibility to influence change. Not to mention if you make some good suggestions, the people in power might come across it and try to make it happen, you just never know.

All I’m saying is to put yourself in Babson’s shoes (I mean after all, that’s basically what we’re asking them to do for us). If someone came up to you and said, for example, “Babson sports suck,” what would you do about it? You probably wouldn’t have any idea where to start. I mean should you get better athletes or rennovate the fields or find new coaches or what? But if someone says, “I hate watching Babson sports because there’s no school support or spirit. They should have a beer tent up at the fields for every home game so we can get drinks, tailgate, and watch the game,” then you might be able to do something about it.

So anyway, that is my two cents. I mean everyone who visits this site has the ability to tear down the Babson world that the administration has created (and which the vast majority of students hate), and I’m definitely encouraging that. But you also have the ability to make your own world up through your thoughts and comments, and I’m definitely encouraging that, too. Granted, the world you create might not get built exactly how you want it to in real life, but contributing constructive ideas might spark others, and changes really will happen.

Ok, so I’ll get down off that soapbox and step onto another one for today’s real blog…

As much as I can’t stand Babson and the way I get treated as one of their customers, I would like to follow my own advice and take a different approach in my blog today. I feel like my complaints would be remiss without any constructive suggestions to follow, so I have decided to chip in with one easy (and cheap) way for Babson to improve the life here at Babson: target Roger’s Pub.

While most people around campus hate the pub, I think it could be a key to a social turnaround at Babson. It gets a terrible rep because of the crowded Thursday nights. I can understand that. I mean how can we have a good time when we can barely walk around, it takes an hour and a half to get our beer from an extremely understaffed bar, and when we do get our beer some tool that’s spitting game at some disgusting swamp donkey spills it all over the place and removes all hope of forgetting, even if just for a couple hours, about this horrid school. Of course that’s not fun.

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Elusive Alumni

Since it’s alumni weekend, I thought I would dedicate a blog in its favor, and dream about the day when Babson will be a distance and still not-so-fond memory. In fact, I’ve been hearing a lot about the Babson phone-a-thon and our financial issues at the school. More specifically, Babson’s administration is constantly complaining about how alumni don’t donate money back to the school when they graduate and become successful. The “phone-a-thon,” for those unfamiliar with it, pays Babson students to sit in an office and cold-call alumni to try and finagle a few bucks for the school.

So while I thought about the concept of the phone-a-thon, it crossed my mind that one day someone is going to cold-call me and ask me to donate my money to Babson. Then I felt something wet on my cheek and realized that I was laughing myself to tears about the prospect of donating even a single penny back to this organization. Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but it’s actually a reality for Babson since they have a very hard time trying to get alumni donations. In fact, it’s probably the single biggest problem facing the finance department at Babson. Why? Because believe it or not, our school’s budget this year was covered about 83% by tuition costs. To put that another way, only 17% of the costs Babson will incur this year is covered by alumni donations, either through periodic donations or contributions to the endowment (which is a fund that earns a return, and the college withdraws a chunk of money each year from the fund that is hopefully just less than the return they make).

A big part of the reason for this is the fact that alumni, on average, donate $60k back to Babson. Other schools get average donations of even $650k and more! That’s more than ten times as much!!! Not to mention some of those schools have ten times as many students as we have. So you would think that if one alumnus donated a few million, they would have a lot more people to spread it out over, which would make the average lower. Compare this to our school, and one donation of a few million would be spread out over far fewer people, which should make our average higher than normal. So our crappy $60k donation average is even worse when you think about that.

So the questions are why is this the case and what is to be done? Well, if you’ve ever seen our Babson Strategic Plan, which can be found on the school’s web site, you might notice that the administration claims they are committed to providing not only academic excellence, but also a strong feeling of community. I’ll pause here for a minute so you can let that sink in…

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Why is it that every May, Babson spews out into the world some of the biggest losers the earth has ever seen? About a month ago, I parked my car near Webster and started walking across the lot. And what do I see, but a 4-foot-tall kid in a bright green Jaguar hat talking on his cell phone extra loud so everyone can hear what a business aficionado he is. But it doesn’t stop there. Mick Jaguar walks up to his non-Jaguar ride, pauses 6 inches from his driver’s-side door, and presses the remote start on his keychain. Apparently he wanted to save himself that extra twist of the wrist once he got in the car. After all, it is much healthier for the wrist, and besides, it does shave 1/4 second off his start time.

The problem is that everyone at Babson is such a try-hard that it’s impossible to have a good time. Everyone just has to one-up each other everywhere you go. One idiot pops the collar on his magenta polo and then the next has to wear a purple polo on top of his magenta one and pop both collars so we can tell he’s twice as cool. But I can hardly blame the people themselves, it is simply the shitty environment that Babson creates for everyone that is the real problem.

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Prof is watching! Look busy!