The So-called Free Press

What the hell is up with the Babson Free Press? Issues come out once in a blue moon on a random schedule. I emailed them to see if I could write some stuff (as I rite good) and their mailbox was full. I don’t think anyone checks it. The web address on the front page is not run by someone using it for google ads. Let’s face it- the Babson paper is a major embarassment.

Now I know it is hard to put out a decent paper every week. More so as there are no liberal arts english/photography/journalism majors that can use the job on their resumes.

So seeing as how a decent student paper is not only a benefit to the student body, the school, alumnae, and potential students, I would think the college might want to do something to help people out who are running it.

Many other schools give class credit to the editor or senior staff of their papers. This is because it is a LOT of work. Editors have to write more, edit more, do more accounting, do more negotiations with vendors and advertisers, hirer (and fire) more staff, etc,. than in any other class on campus. Why not give the poor editor some credit for a doing their job. The grade can be based upon how many issues come out on time, and how good they are.

This would be such a far better learning experience than any stupid FME business.

But no, the editor will still have to put out a paper in their spare time, and spend hours doing useless work reading books about post feminist lesbian colonial pre modern literature instead.

Krap Kernal

Prof is watching! Look busy!