Babson’s Social life SUXS

The one thing that I hate about Babson College, are those girls, and guys who walk around like they are top notch dogs, when in all actuality they arnt. These are the unfriendly people who stare you down. You see, Im a real outgoing and friendly person, but the ironic thing is, that only about 40% of people on campus are friendly. Most people are just ASSHOLES.
Point is, if you want to go to a school and not feel real welcomed, plus have no social life b/c parties here, then go to Babson, if not do some more research, because a  SOCIAL LIFE ISNT POSSIBLE @ BABSON
PS I am involved in lots of avtivites on campus, and being involved does not make people happier, or friendly.

Update: New blog author!

Trying to keep with the Babson tradition of celebrating diversity, we now have a female contributor!

(which gives us about a 70/30 male/female ratio here, also on par with babson!)

Prof is watching! Look busy!