How Babson Housing generates revenue?

This here, has got to be my favorite way to post. Below you will read a series of emails from the Babson authorities, and at the end, I just can’t take anymore. At the bottom, you shall find my response. Read more »

Look At That, Blogging Can Get You a $10,000 Scholarship!

If you blog, you could win $10,000.

Sounds good to me!

Babson College Named Hottest College for Business by 2008 Kaplan/Newsweek College Guide

babson college

The stuff that happens right after I graduate…

Apparently Babson is the place to be for business in 2008. Somehow they even got into the “25 Hottest Schools In America,” according to that Kaplan/Newsweek guide. (Read more here.)

Any current students think Babson deserves to be in the 25 hottest schools in America? I’ve never seen it ranked better than 28th for business programs, but now it’s in the top 25 overall?!

BaboBlog Registration Open To Everyone!

That’s right! No matter whether you hate Babson, hate CrapCampus, or just want to write something, you can get your very own author account here on the BaboBlog.

We’ve always welcomed new authors, but now it’s even easier to get started:

Just click here and select the “Register” link at the bottom.

Then you log-in at the same page and post away!

All views are welcome, but we reserve the right to delete stupid posts. And if you post too much stupid stuff, or spam, or ads, we’ll delete your account and ban you.

But otherwise, have at it and make your voice heard!

Babson To Get Dirty on July 1

babson newton apple tree

Rumor has it that the burden on facilities has gone too far and they will be going on strike come July 1. After constructing a dorm yet decreasing facilities staff (leaving students to clean their own dorms,) Babson has gone as far as leaving them without a contract for next year.

Surprise? Not really.

Let’s hear your opinions in the comments. How do you feel Babson treats the facilities staff?

The Next Babson President is Announced

the next babson college president

Moments ago I was informed that the Next Babson President has been announced. No, not Barefoot’s replacement, but the Next Babson President, which is a website dedicated to finding the next Babson president.

Click the link to get in on the campaign!





Porsche, Meet Tree

The latest news around Babson involves a late-night car crash that killed two Babson students last night. No names were revealed, but the news clearly shows a maroon Porsche. The car is said to have struck a tree at excessive speed and then burst into flames.

For a good news recap along with a video, check out this story.

Also, there is a gathering in Babson’s Chapel at 1 PM. In the mean time, if you want to visit the scene, just take a stroll down Forest St to Berkshire St, which is right after Abbot St. You’ll see a huge tree on your left – it’s kind of obvious where the accident was.

Nichols Lot is full of camera crews as we speak, so I’m sure there will be plenty more to come on this story.

Hopefully in the end parents will learn something from this. This is the perfect example of why you should not buy expensive, powerful sports cars for your children (especially if they haven’t been to specialty driving schools.) Sorry to be blunt, but that’s the truth.

Prof is watching! Look busy!