So Who Paid Their Damage Charges?

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to brighten your day with a little story about graduating from Babson and never having to go back again. Fellow graduates, congrats. Everyone still there, just pray that it will be over soon.

On to the story…

May 19, 2007 was a wonderful day. Not just because I graduated, but because I graduated before Babson ever applied a damage charge to my bill. If you lived in Map Hill, you were probably dreading a $95 minimum charge, just for the elevator BS we went through. But for some reason, I got my diploma before I ever saw the damage charges!

Maybe it was an oversight by Babson, or just that they can’t get the damage charges ready until the end of May (when every student would get their damage charge, not just graduating seniors.) Either way, close to 400 students seemingly escaped the damage charge.

I did get an email about the $95 bill at the end of May, though. And so did my friends. But hell, who’s going to pay the bill once they’ve graduated?

Before I got too deep into thought about whether or not Babson would send out a collection agency to track down its own alums, I decided to actually look at my bill. And I liked what I saw!

On that day, the damage charge had not yet gone from OCL and through SFS to actually get applied to my bill. However, I somehow got a $200 credit on my bill – turns out they reversed that bogus $200 “senior fee” they stuck us with at the beginning of the year! So Babson owed me $200.

What did I do? The only logical thing, of course.

I submitted a refund request through the Babson portal for $200. I was expecting it to get canceled or adjusted, so I just sat back and waited.

Then the next day, which I think was June 1st, that $95 got slapped on my bill. But I never had a problem with the refund request…

So I sat back and laughed about how I might have just screwed Babson out of my $95 bill. And sure enough, a few days later, I got a spiffy check from Babson for $200!!

You read that right. Babson sent me $200 and left the $95 charge on my bill! Talk about a disconnect between their admin offices…

Best of all, I didn’t bother paying the $95, and eventually Babson just took it off! So in the end, I got off scott free!

It was probably some gesture to get me to stop posting rude stuff on this site, but there’s no way I’ll give up for such a minuscule amount (after about $170k for tuition…)

I had to keep this on the down low for a while, but I’m hoping that all the other seniors spotted this exploit and took advantage of it. It’s the least we could do after Babson screwed us on the shitty Map Hill elevator!

Graduates, please share your stories in the comments.

And current students – be sure to keep an eye on your bill in the days after graduation! 😉

The Sigma Kappa Myth

Because you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, we try to find all the lies and expose the truth here on this completely honest, peer-reviewed blog. I recently stumbled upon an interesting entry in Urban Dictionary about Sigma Kappa. It’s common knowledge about the 60/40 ratio at Babson, but not much more is said. Which is why some people may get excited about a Sigma Kappa sorority at Babson after reading the Urban Dictionary listing.

National sorority guaranteed to have the hottest girls at all the local universities you’ve never heard of (plus a couple big name schools, i.e, Berkeley, UPenn, Florida, etc.). Powerhouse of Playboy pinups and low-budget porns. The sorority that dropped your fat ass during rush.

But be warned, that is not the Babson Sigma Kappa definition! That was surely sponsored by the girls within the sorority. I recommend you take a look further and find the definition that applies to Babson:

A national sorority that happens to be big at Babson College, a local college you’ve never heard of. While local universities may have the hotties, the local colleges like Babson do not. But they do have a ‘big’ presence on campus, that’s for sure. They are great people to know if you are looking for food, but be sure to get notice in advance. It will not last long.

Used in a sentence: The fat asses that got dropped during rush at UPenn ended up in Sigma Kappa at Babson.

Hopefully that clears things up.


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