International Travel

I was recently thinking about an experience I had at Babson about a week before break. As most of you students are probably aware, much of the Babson student population are from other countries. That is why a conversation I recently had with a fellow student troubles me.

One night I’m doing some work when a girl comes up to me and asks if you have to leave by 8 on the Saturday of the last final at Babson. She looked somewhat frustrated and I asked her what was wrong. She told me that there were no flights to her country that Saturday and that she could only get a flight the following day. She was able to find someone to stay with for a night but to be quite honest that seems totally inconsiderate of Babson to not accommodate her. I’m not trying to bash anyone who helps run Babson yet to make management aware of this situation. I know Babson has a hotel, perhaps they could give a student a room there until the next plane arrives.

Prof is watching! Look busy!