How Babson Housing generates revenue?

This here, has got to be my favorite way to post. Below you will read a series of emails from the Babson authorities, and at the end, I just can’t take anymore. At the bottom, you shall find my response. Read more »

Cozy singles…

Now at some point, this kind of absurdity has to stop. A very close friend of mine was beginning to prepare to return to fair, fair Babson, and he began to go and check over the My Housing section of Babson’s portal.  And my, wasn’t he surprised and joyous when he saw how wonderfully the new staff of OCL is operating?

Abso-fucking-lutely NOT!

Instead it was more of shock and horror for my fellow final semester senior (December Grads), as when he checked his housing arrangements for his Putney single, he immediately noticed that Babson had paired him up with a roommate! He called me up quite distressed at the thought of spending the last semester of college with a roommate he’s never met and probably won’t get along with. Immediately thinking he may have screwed up, we tried to figure out if there was any way that he meant to click on a different one. After a few hours of pouring over how my friend must have selected a double on accident, we realized that he indeed did select a single based off of what the online floor plan map of putney third floor displays.

So my buddy emails housing and tells them that the screw up is definitely on them and theres no way they are going to put two kids in a single and that there is no way he is going to have a roommate his last semester here.

OCL’s Housing email address responds: We are sorry but we cannot help you with this. Please contact your area director.

Thats it. Thats the end of their email. Now excuse me, and pardon my french, BUT THOSE FUCKING MORONS LOOK LIKE THEY’RE STILL USELESS! I think OCL should be reinterpreted by the students to mean, Off Campus for LIFE. I MEAN THEY DIDN’T EVEN TELL HIM WHO IS HIS NEW AREA DIRECTOR!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!

I 100% know that improving student service is a strong concern for some of Babson’s administrators. And I know one of the reasons OCL was restaffed was to hopefully prevent idiots from making mistakes like this and also so if things like this did happen, they’d be quickly caught and repaired before they became an issue.

Dean Hanno, we’ll be meeting soon.

Bryan “Reverend Esby” Steward

PS: I’m really curious how many of these OCL mistakes happen that I don’t hear about. Want your story posted? IM me on AIM, Reverend Esby, and tell me how it is.

Whats new here at Babson?

We’ve got a few new things to update you all on before you arrive.

First and foremost of the crapcampus priorities, we now are arranging regular weekly meetings with the office for undergraduate deans! Finally someone is willing to bring us in to the reformative process that babson needs! Although, our consulting comments/critiques are still being offered for free, we are excited to embrace our new friends in Babson’s faculty. Read more »


With only one summer and one semester left at Babson, I still haven’t given up on this place. So now, is actually a critical moment for us to step up and attempt to take the necessary actions in order to increase the effect of our outcries here at  There are people who are, I guess, sympathizers with the writing staff and our sources of negative Babo intel.  You can find them amongst the SGA Electoral Ballot, but if you’re like most babson students, you’re either to huddled in a ball in your room from last nights drinking, nose to the grindstone, busy cranking out IME projects or the likes, or you really just don’t want to take the time out of your otherwise meaningless day to vote.  For those of you reading this, please allow me to make a few suggestions for you: Read more »

So.D.A gone SOPH’D

Ok people, this time I’m really gonna have to do my best to restrain myself.  This is a public service announcement particularly for the betterment of the senior class, but should be heard by all students.  The following is a short list of some basic facts and tips for all those who participate in S.O.D.A.

The original definition of SODA party is a party held in the last 6-7 weeks of school held by seniors, for seniors.

The acronym stands for Seniors Out Drinking Again. Read more »

My name is…

Reverend Esby as you’ve known me.  Bryan Steward, by my legal identity.  If you were crafty, you’d have already learned this from facebook.  All shock aside though, I have decided to go public for a reason.  Thus far, I’ve merely been a writer who has hid himself from the masses to prevent public backlash or worse yet backlash from the college.  But sometimes conflict is a good thing… or so they say.

The Reverend behind the wheel...
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This is big!


I just met with a faculty member of Babson’s teaching staff.  He knows my identity due to a facebook group.  We talked.  Brace yourself.  A huge surge of power for the student body is about to hit you.
Ladies and Gentlemen, they’re reading.  The faculty and administration are trying to listen to what we are saying.
SO START SUBMITTING WHAT IT IS HERE AT BABSON THAT AILS YOU!  Tell me what issues you think are fucked up, need to be addressed, or that you have suggestions or solutions for.  ANYTHING!  As long as its something that seriously needs to be changed, we the crapcampus staff will investigate and pursue your best interests as a paying customer at this school.
You’ve seen the stickers; Great Product, Horrible Service. 
We, with your support, will demand service… on our terms.  Remember that each name on a petition has an annual value of approximately $44,000.  I can’t reveal the complete plan for how this will all go down, but people, I assure you that my business studies in management will be put to a very effective use.  GI Joe always said knowledge was power…


Tasty tidbit for y’all:  Wonder why you’re internet speed is so slow and unreliable?  I will investigate this further, but I just received a report that this is due to Babson leasing bandwidth out to local businesses.  Bet ya didn’t know that one.
Lets see them put our money where their mouth is.


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