Post-Graduate Blues: Benefits? What Benefits?

Hello wonderful Babson-haters, and a big tip-o-the-hat to Babson-lovers.

I have not posted for a good long while, why do you ask? I guess I have not had enough contempt for Babson built up in order to drive me to express my disdain via blog post.

So, since I graduated this last September (which in itself was a bit of a rough landing; we had to start tossing passengers to slow the descent…it wasn’t pretty), I decided I would pursue my dream of purchasing a motorcycle, then driving across this huge-ass county to none other than sunny California. The trip was great…blah blah blah…I arrived in San Diego.

For three months, I tried to get a job. At first I was picky. Then I lowered the bar, and I then I almost broke the damn thing because I slammed it so hard into the ground. The fucking bar couldn’t get any lower. I figured, maybe I just didn’t have enough experience? But I’ve had 2 internships, AND I’ve ran my own apparel company for the last 2 years! What on Barefoot’s Green Earth could be preventing these people from not calling me back? Not one e-mail, not one phone call in 3 months and over 100 applications, with varying follow up tactics, and cover letters. Every position was entry-level (some internships), I certainly wasn’t shooting for the stars, and if I was, I hit my fucking foot. I was working a retail job, and hated every minute of it, so I quit, and refused to get another crap job and go for the career winner. Nothing. But then I got an interview in San Francisco! Alas, a break! I flew up there on my own coin, and absolutely killed the interview. Even better, I had a personal recommendation from the head national recruiting whom my father happened to be friends with! This was third rounds too, as I had already had two phone interviews. I would’ve bet my life on me getting that job. But, to my absolute dismay, I did not receive the position. I was crushed, and out of money, so I had to circle the wagons, and head home with my tail between my legs. More importantly, I was baffled…they hadn’t asked for my GPA (which isn’t too stellar), and I had inside people sending notes to the small branch telling them to hire me…so what went wrong? I received a note from my fathers friend, the Head Recruiter telling me the name of the other candidate (there were only two, me and her). I facebooked her, my jaw dropped: she was a recent grad from a local California Technical College, about one step up from a Community College.

But then it dawned on me: why would they choose her over me? Because not even the goddamn internet has heard of Babson College once you get out of the North East. I asked around. No one had heard of it. Especially not employers. I was a man who was holding the worlds largest ball of shit, and hidden deep inside was a tiny gold nugget known as “Babson”. Babson’s marketing is a fraud, a scam. Students are being bamboozled into thinking that the college has national pull, when it couldn’t be more localized.

Now for the skeptics in the audience, let me add a constant. I returned to my home in Connecticut (reluctantly, and broke) and using the same Craigslist, Monster, CareerBuilder resume-carpet bombing technique I used in San Diego, I was astonished. Within three weeks, I had 3 interviews. Within six weeks, I had an offer, with four other interviews lined up. I had a choice of where I got to work. My job I have now is great, I couldn’t be happier, nor could I be in a better position for long term growth. The only difference being: every single interview I had in the North East started with “Oh I know Babson, it’s a great school!”. I bit my lip, smiled and said “Absolutely it is!” every gut wrenching time I heard that sentence.

Yes, the Babson name is worth something. It’s worth a job. But that name, “Babson”, west of Pennsylvania, means about as much as the fake diploma I received on the day I was supposed to graduate with my class in May, when only weeks before I had been informed I was a few credits shy of officially graduating. Thanks again Babson, you got me, you little scamp, you.

Transitioning into a different subject, a more broad one, but still pertinent to Babson, I’d like to discuss Student Loans. Babson’s tuition went up again this year, poor students… So here’s the facts, source: Princeton Review.

Aid Statistics
Freshmen receiving need-based financial aid: 40%
Undergraduate receiving need-based financial aid: 24%
Average freshman loan: $2,686
Average freshman total need-based gift aid: $21,793

All right, hey! 24% of students get financial aid! And total average aid is almost $22k! But…lets run some numbers here… tuition, room and board and meal plan easily total almost $48k a year, that leaves Mr. Average Aid Package only cutting less than half of that per year. So, that being the case, the total for four years cost (after aid) is $104k. Now, let’s assume most of the student who need aid do not have the financial propensity pay in cash, so they take some loans out for…oh, let’s say $100k.

By the way, Babson doesn’t even report it’s tuition now, check this out, right from Princeton Review.

Annual Expenses
Tuition: Not Reported

Think the conversation went like this? “Um…tuition is rising every year because we don’t have large enough endowment and no one’s donating and our costs (of flagpole fountains) and faculty greatly outweigh our income…what do we tell the prospective students who want to try and budget out the next 10 years of their life based on our tuition?” [Barefoot Pauses, steepling his fingers] “Tell them, NOTHING!” as he says with a death metal yell.

Seriously, thats brutal, in every since of the word. Anyways, $100k in debt, students are kicked into the (hopefully east coast) workforce to try and find a job, where they will then face…drum roll please… up to an $1,800 payment per month for 15 fucking years. If they’re lucky, post-consolidation, they are looking at $600-$800 for 30 fucking years. Thats a final cost of $250,000-$300,000 after all payments are made on time. The banks’ investment in you being an idiot and the school being a marketing ploy has paid off, and paid off well might I add. They’ve tripled their investment.

Now you might say: “pay it off early!” Ya, let me get right on that with my $35k a year salary, my shit ass apartment, and my used car I just financed. How the fuck do you expect me to make $1800 monthly payments one year out of college? Moreover, how does Babson get away with not disclosing critical information about it’s tuition and expenses to its perspective students?

And on a final note: I have been called by Babson four times since I walked in May and been asked for Alumni donations. You’ve got to be fucking kidding.

Farewell and good night Babsonians, lock your doors, because odds are, you’re being felt-up financially while you sleep as well.


 I haven’t posted in a while, but I could NOT pass up this chance…

Lady’s and Gents of the CrapCampus blog break out your champagne bottles and streamers:

Myself and Reverend Esby have just receive CONFIRMED reports that the President of Babson College, this oh-so elite of institutions, is officially RESIGNING!

A recent post quoted Barefoot saying that “the administration does not know what it’s doing”. We’ll apparently he’s getting out while he still can.

Actual dates were not able to be obtained, but we were able to find out that Barefoot sent out an e-mail to all faculty and staff today around 6pm announcing his intent to step down as President.

Good luck next Pres. of Babson, you’ll have your hands full.


Speaking of Priorities…

What I find to be the real crime is the complete lack of understanding of what the real problems are at Babson. I’m not talking about how bad Trim is, or how Nazi-ish Babo is, nor am I even talking the current rediculousness of PC-fever (which I agree completely with the Reverend, the blacks should just take him out back and quietly and quickly take care of it, without pushing over the first domino of the “racist” epidemic).

Within the past 3 years at Babson, a handfull of students have tried to take their lives, a few have succeeded. Last night, another student attempted to add themselves to that list. Babson causes its students to fear failure so much, that they choose to end their life. While a Halloween costume, and the subsequent actions that followed, take the front pages of emails and Facebook groups, and are all the buzz in many conversations, suicide attempts are meerly a whisper when compared to the current events.

You want something to protest? Protest the fact that the college that you attend hasn’t been found guilty for attempted murder of each of its students that it has enrolled.

Crap Hill Drive

My my my…map hill drive, what a wonderous pile of candy coated shit. To start, residents there had to pay an extra $400 on top of their normal housing payment. what this was for…god only knows. what did it buy?? LETS LIST EM OFF!

New dorm pros:
-brand new, spick n’ span good lookin building!
-full of brand new fridges, totally sweet!
-lots of cabinet space
-big windows, lots of light
-half the building gets a wonderful non-babson view

new dorm CONS:
-they dont clean the suites EVER
-they dont take out the trash, you have to drag it to a trash closet
-no personal air conditioning
-the walls are covered with a non-stick coating so you cant hang posters or hooks with tape
-the result is that you have to nail into the wall or push pin posters which leads to holes which leads to babson charging you 10x more money than normal bc its a new dorm
-cheap walls that damage at the drop of a hat. if you lean on them too hard with your elbow, it makes a dent…which gives babson more $$$$$$$$$
-shallow sinks that splash everywhere
-the washing machine one card thing doesnt work still despite several calls to the glorious company of MAC-GREY
-the keypad locks require both your oneCard and a pin to open, neither will work alone
-on top of that, if you dont hit the numbers the right way or at the right timing, it wont work, its kind of like an IQ test. when intoxicated, you often fail that IQ test
-the built in closets limit the ways you can layout your room
-the cheap rubbermaid wire shelf in the closets break often
-there is a complete lack of storage space in the dorm rooms
-in the handicapped suites two people get tiny tiny tiny rooms, and one person gets a room the size of a double, and the last person gets the middle sized room granted this is left “up to chance” its still TOTALLY dick to the people who get small rooms. i feel very sorry for them, and i hate the people who got ginormous rooms.
-when you run out of toilet paper you have to get a key from the RA to the closet to get more and change it yourself.
-there are a total of six security cameras that watch the exterior and entrances to the building at all times. that is fuckin creepy.

ALL THIS FOR AN EXTRA $400! whoopty-fuckin doo!

The blog everyone is forced to read

people leave pleanty of comments on this site. some are great. some are just ok. and some should be stricken from the record henceforth.

apparently, most people who leave comments on this blog have been assigned to read what is written on these pages by a third party, and not of their own free will. to you i say: poppycock.

these warcries of freedom that we present are not ones of public accord, and are merely semi-public. with a name like “” one can only begin to speculate as to what kind of content lies behind its URL walls, especially when post-fixed with “/baboblog”. the writers on this site represent a collaboration of babson students who wish to highlight, surface and make known the absolute wrongdoings of a very expensive establishment that they themselves pay to tolerate.

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why does this school spam everyone so much? we get 15-25 emails a day, and like 95% of the time, its either from benny belvin the intern idiot, or from some organization you dont belong to. what do you think schools do when they have 25,000 students and over 500 clubs and organizations? THEY CONSOLDATE ANNOUNCEMENTS! all you need is for one person on SGA (perhaps vp of communications or whatever) to have all the emails and announcements sent to at the beginning of the week. They make an email with all the shit thats goin down that week, and people can check their section to see if anythings happening. this would take about 45 minutes out of the VP’s week, and we wouldnt have to sit here and wear down the delete key from finger blasting the shit out of it.

myspace chick

“Perhaps you should spend your time studying. From what I have experienced as a graduate student, babson is a great school. Good idea for a business tho… I’ll give you that.” ~myspace chick

i dont have a myspace account, but can someone grill this girl? DEEP BREATH* k first off this chicks a grad student, and makes a comment on the school itself. clearly this is run by undergraduate students based on the giganticly popular topic of social life and OCL. the entire premise of this idea is that this is kids who feel strongly enough about the wrongs that occur on this campus that they are willing to invest not only their time, but sometimes their money as well, to at the very least shed light on certain wrongings that this campus commits. given the fact that this site is about the UNDERGRAD experience on this campus, this chick feels like she can comment on that experience, having never partaken in it.

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